Safety & Confidentiality

The safety of your data is our top priority

The ideal protection of your data safety regarding availability, confidentiality, data security and privacy protection is of utmost importance for the hotelkit GmbH. We only trust in partners who were certified under ISO 27001, who fully comply with the legal regulations of data privacy and whose data centres are located in the European Union.

Your data and our systems are distributed over 3 different data centres, which are independent of each other and geographically separated. Through the permanent supply of several synchronous hubs we are able to guarantee maximum availability and safety and avoid maintenance-related failures. Together with our partners we make every effort to fulfil the ISO 27001 certification and the legal regulations of data privacy and furthermore, to guarantee round the clock availability. This includes the following measures:

Server locations – where is my data?

The hotelkit GmbH operates serves with different tasks in both Germany and Austria. The selection of the location is mainly determined by the safety and reliability of the operators and the location itself as well as by the connection to different carriers and internet providers.


The immediate processing of the hotelkit use and the availability of stored data takes place in Frankfurt am Main and Karlsruhe. The concept of synchronous data mirroring with independent operational systems at different locations minimizes the risk of data loss on the one hand and guarantees its availability in the case of severe disturbances on the other.

Data Protection

As an additional protection against data loss all data stored in hotelkit – no matter, if results of a survey or attachments – are stored via encryption in a third, independent data centre in Falkenstein / Vogtland.

Direct Connection

In order to make a stable and fast access possible, additional servers with direct connection to the biggest internet-providers in Austria are operated in Vienna. These servers are only used for the optimisation of access from Austria, for example, through temporary intermediate storage of data retrieved from Austrian networks or selected partners, whom we trust.

Selected partners whom we trust

Accelerated IT Services GmbH

Frankfurt a. M. |

Since 2002, the Accelerated IT Services GmbH has been bundling experiences in the field of IT-services and operates its own data centre in Frankfurt a.M. This site – with an exceptional connection to the largest international internet exchange point DE-CIX – is used for the live-operation of hotelkit.

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001
  • Data centre certified by TÜV Saarland

ProfitBricks GmbH

Karlsruhe |

With the use of the latest technology, the company from Karlsruhe sets standards in terms of availability as well as performance and operates its infrastructure in high-security data centres in both Karlsruhe and Frankfurt am Main. hotelkit uses the server-environment in Karlsruhe for the live-environment.

  • ISO 27001 (TÜV Saarland)
  • „Best in Cloud”-Award by the magazine“Computerwoche” in the field of public-cloud / IaaS

ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH

Wien |

Founded in Austria in 2006, the company offers high-quality and individual services for highest demands at several important internet nodes in Europe. Thus, the ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH provides the best conditions for the optimisation of hotelkit throughout Europe.

  • ISO / IEC 27001:2005
  • EN ISO 9001:2008
  • certified credit rating
  • First prize at „eco Award 2013“
  • First prize at „Hosting & Service Provider Award“
  • Finalist in EY Entrepreneur Austria of the Year 2013

Hetzner Online GmbH

Falkenstein / Vogtland |

Hetzner Online GmbH operates data centers at several locations in Germany and offeres services in the hosting and server sector since 1997. hotelkit uses resources from data center parks in Falkenstein / Vogtland to securely store encrypted backups.

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • First prize at „Hosting Awards 2017“ (Category VPS/vServer)
  • Award „Ruban d’Honneur“ & „National German Champion“ at „European Business Awards“
  • First price at „Hosting Awards 2016“ (Category (Dedicated Server)
  • GreenIT Best Practise Award 2011
  • ECO Award 2011


Availability & usability of your data

Synchronous systems in different data centres

Trough the distribution of systems to different data centres a very high availability can be reached and the maintenance of infrastructure can be performed without an impact on accessibility.

Extensive backup measures

All changes are recorded in hourly backups. Weekly backups guarantee further safety against loss of data and permit a stable and fast restoring of data bases and data.

Redundant backup storage

Backups are normally kept in several storage media in spatially separated areas in order to prevent any loss.

Virus scanning solution

One of the major risks with confidential data is a virus-infected terminal device. In order to avoid the spreading of computer viruses via hotelkit, uploaded files are scanned for viruses. A further protection of your network is thereby provided.

Regular safety- and operation updates

All deployed software will be regularly updated. Thus, potential security gaps in all fields are eliminated as quickly as possible.

Permanent monitoring

The supervision of all resources permits a preventative intervention and is used for the early detection of problems and possible attacks. This ensures a smooth and safe access.

Direct & powerful connection

The selected data centres have an excellent connection to the Internet. Through the direct connection to several large internet providers a fast and stable access is allowed worldwide.

With different routes a high degree of availability can be ensured, even if there are disturbances outside the data centre.


Management of rights

In Hotelkit you determine the user settings and who has access to what information via the management of rights. This way, you always keep an overview.

Secured access

One of the main risk factors in handling confidential data is the transmission over the public Internet – which means the way between the user’s terminal and our servers. Through the application of current encryptions on SSL-basis we ensure the best possible protection of your data.

Coded transmission

All data which leave our server are highly encoded and cannot be unencrypted or assessed by third parties. This way, we ensure that nobody can download confidential information.

Safe disposal

If data are no longer needed, we ensure a permanent deletion. We orientate ourselves on the catalogue of measures announced by the Federal Office for Information Security (Germany) as well as current knowledge of independent institutes.

Physical protection & safety

Constant electric power supply

Due to large-dimensioned diesel generators a current supply of data centres can also be guaranteed in the event of problems relating to the energy supplier. In the event of failures additional USV-systems are able to bridge the time until the diesel generators start running.

Modern air-conditioning technology

Through a modern air-conditioning technology ideal temperatures and humidity of server cabinets are guaranteed. Sophisticated ventilation concepts in the data centres provide a consistent climate in the server cabinets.

Redundant systems

All systems – ranging from the current supply via a network distributor to the air-condition – are available in the data centres at least once more than required in normal operation. As a consequence, the operation can be fully maintained even in the event that one component should fail.

Permanent on-site monitoring

In order to avoid physical access to your data there is a permanent security staff in the data centres. Furthermore, these centres are video-monitored in all areas. Only authorized technicians have access to the servers.

Regular stress tests

High availability also means knowing one’s own limitations. Regular stress tests ensure that sufficient power reserves are available in case of unexpected incidents.

Comprehensive fire precautions

Through the use of modern technology for the early detection of fire and its extinction such as the use of extinguishing gases (Argon, CO2) possible fires can quickly and completely be deleted with minimal damages for the surrounding servers