The hotelkit tool-box supports individual and chain hotels to improve their internal communication, to store knowledge centrally, to optimize processes and to plan appointments and tasks in a structured manner.

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The hotels knowledge can be provided in the manual, to make it as easily accessible as possible for everyone. The establishment of new standards and processes has never been as easy as with hotelkit.

  • Give central access to service chains, quality standards and processes
  • Transmit knowledge independently from experts and quickly trace it
  • Train new employees simply and efficiently
  • Easily manage supplier data, printed forms and standards


Our hotelkit repair management is more effective and organized than ever before. Repairs can be recorded in only two steps, documented with pictures and worked off in a structured way by the responsible persons. The tool gives you a detailed overview of all claims in the hotel and the current status is evident for all employees.

  • Numerous types of repairs permit rapid and uniform processing
  • Repairs can be assigned to locations (e.g. hotel room)
  • Automatic transmission of repairs to the respective employee
  • Statistics support the analysis of the most frequent repairs


Handovers comprise the classical communication between employees at change of shifts. Staff can communicate with each other irrespective of their working hours, thus, important information is no longer lost.

  • Support simple and transparent communication
  • Communicate service-related information to individuals or groups
  • Facilitate discussions and achieve collective results quickly


Targeted information management via a digital notice board: users are informed about important news via entries.

  • Give specific information to groups and reduce paper-based notes
  • Make transparent who has received what kind of information
  • Permanently distribute important information


The paperless alternative to widespread hotel checklists! With the hotelkit tool individual checklists for various operational processes and departments are easily created (daily to-do list, room inspections and much more.). Thus, daily operations are processed in a structured manner by individuals or groups and results are recorded transparently and sustainably through hotelkit.

  • Mark points as completed or define justification for unfinished items on the to-do list
  • Ensure clear responsibilities for daily tasks
  • Delegate more easily
  • Extensive analysis options


In this area each employee can publish and discuss their ideas and suggestions for improvement - this way the employee participation is encouraged and innovations are promoted in order to secure the company's success.

  • Develop a dynamic, creative culture
  • Profit from staff diversity
  • Enhance employee and customer satisfaction


Assignments can easily be created, distributed to employees and verified via the task-tool. This way, the user can always keep control and establish a daily routine in order to secure the quality of the hotel.

  • Assign responsibility to employees
  • Regulate and optimize processes effectively
  • Simply manage maintenance intervals, cleaning and repairs

Guest Requests

With this tool staff are able to capture the individual wishes of guests in only 2 steps and assign locations in the hotel. The guest requests are automatically transmitted to competent colleagues and the current status is shown for all employees transparently.

  • Numerous guest request types enable rapid and uniform collection
  • Guest requests can be allocated to locations in the hotel such as hotel rooms
  • Automatic transmission to responsible staff
  • Extensive analysis options


The decision making process can be significantly reduced via the - survey tool which results in instant voting and thus achieves results quickly and transparently.

  • Involve everybody and strengthen identification
  • Make employees opinions evident


Create appointments and events easily, invite individual people or whole groups, and centrally manage participant cancellation lists.

  • Create a calendar for events, individual projects or whole departments
  • Always be informed about upcoming appointments
  • Optimize the planning process of appointments