hotelkit connect

hotelkit offers the first intranet solution for hotel chains and marketing cooperations, bringing employees closer together across all hierarchies and national borders and creating a new form of internal communication.

hotelkit connect was designed so that it is possible to adapt the network flexibly across several levels to the respective organisational structure. Thanks to individual user-rights allocation different read and write rights can be assigned to each employee.

The innovative solution has already been implemented in various organisations and leads to astonishing results. Learn more about our customers, who successfully work with hotelkit connect.

One-Stop-Shop – Increase in productivity & and social interaction in ONE portal solution

The hotelkit tools – manual, handovers, news, tasks and calendar – are provided on all levels of the hotelkit network and the information will be synchronized (depending on the authorization) with the individual user profile.  

Increase in productivity | in particular on hotel-level

Significan facilitation of the everyday operating activities thanks to the tools specifically developed for the hotel industry:

  • Improvement of the communication within and between departments
  • Transparency & clear allocation of responsibilities thanks to modern task management
  • Reduction of paper chaos (ecologically friendly)
  • Central administration of information and assurance of customer satisfaction

Increase of social interaction |in particular on concern-level

Targeted encouragement of social interaction between individual hotels and higher identification of employees with the concern.

  • Promotion of cohesion and exchange
  • Joint development of ideas, information and standards
  • Facilitation of employee participation on all levels

The focus of hotelkit connect

Central knowledge management

Make uniform information, processes and standards available for all hotels.

Example: uniform print material, forms, travel requests, etc. are provided by the headquarter.

Comprehensive communication

Easily provide employees with the same kind of information.

Example: sales directors give sales employees of the individual houses tips on customer acquisition and discuss different approaches. 

Collaborative management of ideas

Innovations without geographical barriers – all employees can be involved in the innovation process with their own ideas and comments.

Example: Employees of the convention-department revise and translate the guest questionnaire and define the distribution process together.