hotelkit turns your hotel into a centre of collaboration and communication. Enhance your employees motivation and productivity and acquire an advantage over your competition in order to secure long term success.

Quality management 2.0

With the help of the digital hotelkit, manual operationally relevant information, standards and processes can be structured, stored quickly and made easily available for employees.  New information can be jointly developed and the quality of daily working routine can sustainably be guaranteed.


Innovation through more ideas

Employees have a great variety of experiences, knowledge and ideas. hotelkit offers the ideal space for creativity, discussion as well as agreement and supports the innovation potential hidden in each company.


Efficient communication

hotelkit permits a targeted control of information flow and at the same time creates the necessary transparency and comprehensibility of daily communication. Employees are kept equally informed and decisions are publicly communicated.


Interconnected teamwork

When using hotelkit, important information, standards, processes, etc. are made easily accessible for employees. Consequently, they can work more independently. Relevant knowledge is available at all times and the training of new employees simplified.


Increased productivity

Thanks to the especially developed tools the daily working routine in hotels can be significantly simplified and the productivity as well as satisfaction of employees increased. In order to guarantee a long-term competitiveness, the information exchange has to be accelerated and the collaboration encouraged. hotelkit offers the ideal platform for this.


Enhancing employee satisfaction

Employees and top management are prepared to meet the typical challenges in hotels, when they actively work together and learn from each other. hotelkit expects and encourages the participation of employees and contains many exciting tasks as well as challenges that employees quickly adopt. This new dynamic leads to astonishing results.