In order to secure communication across departments one thing in particular is recquired: a platform which satisfies the demands of all corporate members. Trough hotelkit the employees can not only create their communication more efficiently but also refer to important knowledge in the manual, coordinate appointments and delegate tasks. As a consequence, complex projects as well as the whole company have the necessary structure. Find out how organisations work with hotelkit!

Der MaiHof

The MaiHof is a convention centre in the city of Luzern. Built in 1941, the Maihof church was renovated in 2013 and re-designed as multifunctional convention centre for various uses.

Today, there are a lot of suitable communications channels for the use in teams. teamkit bundles these in a perfect way and allows us to exchange knowledge. Since we have been working with teamkit, our collaboration is more standardized and considerably simplified.

Pascal Mueller-BornCentre Manager

University of Applied Sciences Salzburg

IMT-Innovation and Management in Tourism |INTERREG-Project: Innovations in Destinations | Research |

Together with apprenticeship, research and development (F&E) are main pillars of the University of Applied Sciences and distinguish themselves through their focus on application and close contacts to economy, industry and society. 98 projects in the year 2011/2012 and numerous scientific publications reflect our research competence. The University of Applied Sciences is an innovative research- and cooperation partner for regional, national and increasingly also national companies. Regarding social and economic sciences the research areas include business administration, social work and tourism. Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Mario Jooss, tourism research is lead-partner of the project “Innovations in Destinations”.

hotelkit enabled us to set up an intuitive and easy-to-use knowledge management platform in almost no time. It is very popular among users, which is the best attestation possible for a technical solution.

Mag. Thomas HinterholzerSenior Researcher, IMTE, FH-Salzburg