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  • The introduction of hotelkit has brought Superbuden a lot of benefits and had a positive impact on the internal functioning of all departments. In particular, the possibility to communicate across hotels in real time leads to an intensive use, influences the team spirit in a positive way and is enormously important for a sustainable knowledge management in our hotels. Through the development of departmental relevant handbooks we were not only able to instal a useful central location for manuals of all kinds, but – through the paperless working – also contributed to the environmental protection in our hotels. With hotelkit we have found a central and comprehensive communication tools, which we no longer would like to miss.

    Jörn HoppeGeneral Manager
  • Internal communication is an essential part of our industry in order to achieve maximum guest satisfaction. With hotelkit we now have the possibility to communicate internal information as transparent and user-friendly as possible. Thank you for this great tool.

    Nikolaus BrandlHead of Reception & Reservation
  • In the „Bayerischer Hof“ hotelkit does not replace the existing oral communication. Rather, the communication is getting simpler and more precise through hotelkit. We can work with pictures and furthermore, hotelkit enables us to write down important information immediately. This way we can concentrate much quicker on other tasks. Hotelkit is easy to handle for all employees and provides support for our team.

    Lisa HecklAssistent General Manage
  • Transparency and cooperative partnerships are the key points of our MHP management philosophy. Thanks to hotelkit we have a structured, open and modern communications tool, which helps our employees to work through operational projects not only in a creative and goal-oriented way, but also to develop new ideas together. The checklists help us to reliably sort out our daily „to do’s“ list. We use hotelkit for all processes in our daily hotel business, so that our managers as well as employees have full access to the current development of the business situation at any time.

    Michael WagnerManaging Partner, MHP Hotels
  • Last year we introduced hotelkit in the hotel. We noticed a huge increase of interest and involvement in our teams, especially during the time when the hotel was renovated. By using hotelkit we were still able to interact and communicate with our teams. What worked best was showing all the photo’s of the building of the new hotel! Everybody loved to see the progress and we were working towards an opening all together, even though we were on different locations.

    Joyce van GelderenHR Manager, INK Hotel Amsterdam
  • We have been using hotelkit since January 2014, in particular the handovers and news. We are currently working on the implentation of the quality management in hotelkit. The different departments are using the system with varying intensity, it is used most often by the departments front office, F&B as well as marketing, and the least by kitchen and housekeeping. The big plus of the system is its traceability.

    Andrea FuchsGeneral Manager, Hotel Sans Souci Vienna
  • Since the launch of hotelkit more than 3 years ago, both the intra-departmental as well as the inter-divisional communication have considerably been improved. Important infos are promptly passed on to the relevant people and, surprisingly, due to the web-based solution and the smartphone-app we often receive answers to handovers even after work or from the holiday. In particular, I can recommend the repair tool, which is enthusiastically used by our technicians. Therefore, repairs are dealt with more efficiently. All in all, I can only recommend hotelkit with all its features.

    Markus SchmidAssitant Manager, Hotel Josfeshof am Rathaus Wien
  • The employees are the soul of the Jacob family. The smooth internal communication is indispensable for a perfect service. With hotelkit we have found a tool, which inspires with its simple efficiency and connects among departments, working shifts and hierarchical levels. It remains to be mentioned that the service of the hotelkit employees matches that of a 5-star-hotel.

    Judith Fuchs-Eckhoff General Manager, Hotel Louis C. Jacob
  • hotelkit is a prefect system to communicate with all your colleagues/employees. Since the introduction, we see that all the employees are up to date. A good communication is the baseline for every company.

    Pieter GerzonManagement Assistant
  • Thanks to hotelkit no more extensive working on excel-lists and access-links. With the use of hotelkit we were able to considerably improve our information chains and organisational processes. Thanks to the fabulous developments and the splendid support by Ms. Pöllmann it is a real pleasure to work with this product. Especially « long-serving » employees enjoy this technology and appreciate the benefits of hotelkit. As a young entrepreneur it is very important to me to introduce new products, improve processes and simultaneously foster employee motivation through innovative technology. To cut a long story short: dear hotelkit-team, keep it coming ! We cannot wait to see your innovations and updates!

    Björn Gehl-BumbManaging Partner, Hotel am Triller
  • Two houses in Berlin, each hotel with their own needs and guests. In each hotel there are, of course, own levels and areas... how can you communicate effectively using the shortest possible way, how can you link the different areas and employees? What originally proved to be rather complicated, has become much easier with hotelkit. Many thanks to Ms. Repke and Ms. Pöllmann for their patience and support. We could not do without hotelkit anymore!

    Munib PreljevicCEO, Grimm's Hotels
  • The core of the Platzl Hotels are our employees. Hotelkit provides the ideal basis in order to facilitate their daily working routine and to improve their communication among each other. We are thrilled by the easy handling and the possibility to contact other colleagues, also in case of shift work. We can inform our employees about important projects such as renovation work or renewals and activities in the hotel. Each employee should be part of the whole and we are already looking forward to the novelties which will be available soon.

    Heiko BuchtaDirektor, Hotel Platzl
  • We have been using hotelkit since the beginning of 2013. Especially the searching for contents, information and standards constitute the biggest advantage for us. It is also very important for the working process to understand who has read what kind of information. At first, we were not sure whether we would really need this kind of system, in the meantime though, it is something we wouldn’t like to miss again. Another great advantage is the support and high level of innovation of hotelkit offering unparalleled opportunities. Suggestions and ideas are implemented very quickly and moreover, you get constant feedback on the status of your request.

    Marc TraubelOwner, Hubertus Alpin Lodge & Spa
  • Through hotelkit we could considerably improve the communication within the Familotel headquarters as well as the cooperation and make it more efficient. The tool allows us, and the hotels among themselves, to have a faster and more efficient exchange of information. The integration of all hotels in the different messages and discussions is thus quite simple. Especially the WIKI function enables us to spread and retrieve many internal as well as standardised information and guidelines. Hotelkit is captivating due to its easy handling.

    Kai AlbertsenAssistant to the Board, Familotel AG
  • hotelkit offers a very efficient possibility for communication between the various departments. Especially the maintenance and update of checklists, manuals and processes is much simplified and can be communicated to others on a paperless basis. The simple handling enables all employees to work with hotelkit in only a short time.

    Birgit GernsOwner Hotel Sonnleiten, Saalbach
  • In my view, hotelkit is the ideal tool to create more transparency, encourage the employees’ creativity and to canalize and accelerate on-site information flows not only within hotels, but also between hotels and headquarter. hotelkit simplifies our work, as everyone has access to the same kind of information in a target-group oriented way, share knowledge among one another and contribute their ideas for innovations via the “management of ideas”. I would not want to work without this possibility of communication anymore. Thank you very much!

    Lorenz ter VeenCOO - Chief Operations Officer Derag Livinghotels, München
  • Communication among employees is especially important for genuine hospitality. As a consequence, hotelkit is very popular in our team! My favourite tool is the exchange of ideas, which we conduct very efficiently! Thanks very much for this great communication instrument!

    Michaela ReittererOwner Boutiquehotel Stadthalle, Vienna & ÖHV President
  • Through implementation of hotelkit we could entirely eliminate the problem of internal communication. There are no more large quantities of memos and unnecessary notepads! Important, urgent as well as general information is now immediately available for all employees. Moreover, hotelkit also serves as documentation platform; everyone can additionally contribute new ideas or create tasks. Even if you are on holidays, you can keep yourself informed via internet access!

    Alexandra Wallner Director Hotel Altstadt Vienna, Vienna
  • The communication in companies, which takes place 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, is particularly challenging. hotelkit understands and continuously improves these challenges. It is easy to handle, user-friendly and almost obligatory for the facebook-generation – this way, hotelkit convinced me quickly. Even when you are not at work, you always know what is going on.

    Gudrun Trutmann-PeterManaging Director Hotel Weisses Rössl, St. Wolfgang
  • hotelkit is a sensational support to improve and structure the communication in the hotel. Thanks to the handover- and news function each employee is always up-to-date and important information cannot be lost. In my view, the manual is the core of hotelkit and a guarantor for perfect corporate organisation. As a result of the optimal search function important contents are always immediately available. Our aim to keep constantly improving is especially supported by the exchange tool. We cannot work without it anymore!

    Sabine PowelsManaging Director Hotel Victoria, Nürnberg
  • Although the communication in the hotel has already worked well before the introduction of hotelkit, hotelkit was the ideal tool to develop it further. It is a useful tool for a quick and simple exchange of information, especially between different departments. All employees have the same level of knowledge and can actively participate in the optimization of internal processes. Check lists, operational procedures and other references, which simplify daily work, are available for employees in the manual.

    Petra LesacherMarketing Hotel Jungbrunn
  • For us as a privately managed hotel group communication is a keystone for success. Furthermore, it is a great challenge to hold it up satisfactorily between more than 200 employees at 5 different locations. hotelkit allows us to combine the enormous know-how of all our employees and to make it accessible for everyone.

    Peter BuoczDirector Schick Hotels, Vienna
  • We wanted to have an up-to-date tool which would primarily enable us to communicate easily across departments – the hotelkit tools, which support the day-to-day management of the hotel, provide so much more than just that and have significantly alleviated the pressure we experience in our routine operations!

    Mirko SchulzeGeneral Manager Hampton by Hilton Berlin City West
  • Communication is very important in the tourism sector, especially in the hotel industry. Thanks to hotelkit, the communication with all employees, especially with receptionists has improved and has also made work easier with our facilities located in different locations. We can communicate all our observations regarding everyone's tasks, mainly with reservations, orders and maintenance issues. It's definitely worth using this app, as it is easy to use and it's really a good help.

    Matteo MeloniOwner Vico Tourism, Revenue Manager
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Why I recommend to work with hotelkit

  • hotelkit is one of the most important innovations regarding internal communication in hotels. For me, it is a must for all organisations in tourism, which want to develop further. It is a tool which allows us to adapt precisely and quickly to the changes in our industry. With hotelkit you are always one step ahead.

    Peter PeerExpert for consultancy and development in the hotel industry
  • Since 4 years I have been looking for a system which can easily provide information for all agendas in hotels. With hotelkit entirely new and innovative possibilities emerge for all participants – simple, user-friendly and trendy on all levels. Here, not only the communication within the company is supported but also the internal quality- and knowledge management is documented and optimized.

    Andrea PflegerExpert for housekeeping and quality management
  • hotelkit is the ideal supplement to my daily work with hoteliers. “More fun with fewer mistakes”- thus, process optimisation can easily be integrated in the daily working routine. It is an enormous relief for entrepreneurs and hotel staff. The know-how stays in the company and the access for new employees is facilitated.

    Elisabeth BrennerManagement consultant for hotels and service companies
  • At last, there is a vivid quality management and intergroup communication. I know from experience in our family-owned company that everyday office routine in hotels is facilitated and optimized through hotelkit.

    Bernadette StöcklExpert for spa and wellness coaching
  • hotelkit is a powerful tool for tourism agencies in order to optimize their internal communication. Especially in bigger companies there are often major deficits regarding communication, here hotelkit puts things right. I absolutely recommend the system.

    Hans-Peter SchrafflOnline marketer
  • hotelkit reflects the spirit of time. The employees are always well-informed and can contribute their ideas – an important basis for satisfied guests and workforce.

    Elfi MaierExpert for revenue management / turnover optimization
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